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Electric driveway gates.

None of us likes getting out of the car to open the gate manually every time we go in or out. We will help you select and fit an quality auto gate opener to suit your need from Letron's excellent range of openers. Solar powered gates where electric is not available. We can supply or supply and fit Solar swing gate openers or Solar sliding gate openers. The solar panels are 20 watts. Letron auto gate dc kits can be powered from some 50 meters from the mains. Fit an entry keypad. Letron auto gate openers are strong and reliable. Solar auto gate kits can be fitted to farm gates. Solar gate openers can also be fitted with 12 volt electric locks. Security gates for houses.

There are solar and mains powered swing and sliding gate motor options.

We have at present several Ahouse solar & dc auto gate openers actively working on some gates. We can readily obtain these Ahouse automatic Solar openers locally. These have been teamed up with digital keypads. They do seen to handle our gates very well. We have also installed Elite electric gate openers. They can be solar powered and have a battery back up. All of our openers are suitable for automatic fence gates.



The perfect finish for your home

Get the exact wooden gate you want. Singles up to 3.6m, doubles up to 7.2m. Beautiful, durable and tailored or custom built to suit your needs. Sliding, automated, pre-finished to your specification.

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